Economische missie in India - Gala avond - Mumbai

  • 25/03/2010
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(Tekst beschikbaar alleen in het Engels)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

India is a truly impressive country.

The 'light of India' shines brightly, for the whole world to see.


India with the heritage of its great civilization, and with a remarkable economic performance in recent years.  A country, which has managed unity in diversity and combines its very ancient wisdom with a forward-looking spirit of entrepreneurship.

We admire your vitality.  We discern here in India an extraordinary will to achieve and to shape a better future. What we find, above all, is a spirit of hope, often against all odds.

Finding a glimmer of hope relying on your inner strength, is a message which came through very clearly, Anil Kapoor, in your movie "Slumdog millionaire". It is a message which the Indian people bring to the world.

Sister Jeanne Devos, you also contribute a great deal to this message of hope, by your action in support of domestic workers. You have devoted your entire life to bringing dignity and relief to thousands of people all over India.I am truly moved that the proceedings of tonight's gala dinner will go to you and your movement.

We are also well aware of the policy of inclusive economic growth and of social progress India is today pursuing.  These policies are not only government priorities. They also reflect the true 'Indian spirit'.  

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This week of intensive contacts here in India, has been intensely satisfying for us. We have been welcomed here as true friends. Many new business ventures have been launched.

The perspectives are excellent.

In the years ahead, as India pursues its extraordinary development, your country can count on Belgium as a staunch friend and a strong partner. The presence, in my delegation, of close to 200 Belgian companies demonstrates how vital we consider this bond.

You can also count on my personal commitment.

I look forward to the follow-up of all those contacts.

But let me also invite our Indian friends to Belgium.

Do come, and look closely at our country.

We have strong assets in productivity, in innovation, in advanced technology. We are the political hub of Europe, but we are also an industry hub, a petrochemical and biopharma cluster, an engineering centre, a communications node. Our logistics infrastructure is among the most competitive in Europe. We are deeply attached to doing business, and we warmly welcome new investors and new productive ventures.

In short : we are a destination well worth discovering.

And what Belgian lifestyle has to offer... : that you can see for yourselves tonight.