Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation

Queen Elisabeth
FPS Chancellery

On the strength of her experience with the wounded from the front-line during the First World War, Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth took the initiative, in 1926, of launching a medical foundation with the purpose of encouraging laboratory research and contacts between researchers and clinical practitioners.

The quality of the relationships between these two essential players in medical science is decisive for the welfare of patients.

Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation (QEMF) pays substantial grants to seventeen university teams throughout the country.

The QEMF is particularly focused on neurosciences, and supports researchers using advanced techniques to study the operation of the nervous systems, both healthy and sick (sleep, developmental disorders, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, aging of the brain, dementia, etc.).

The research programmes supported by the QEMF enjoy an international reputation.

Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid is Honorary President of the Board of Directors.

A scientific committee, consisting of members belonging to the various faculties of medicine of the universities, and occasionally accompanied by international experts, advises the Board of Directors on its decisions.

This committee evaluates the research projects submitted every three years following a call by the QEMF to the universities. The financial support for each chosen project is awarded in principle for a period of three years.

The result of the foresight and generosity of Queen Elisabeth, surrounded by a number of patrons, the Foundation has always been and will remain a powerful catalyst for cooperation between all the university teams in our country.


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