Prince Philippe Fund

Mission and objective

The Prince Philippe Fund, set up in 1998, on the initiative of Prince Philippe, within the King Baudouin Foundation, has the mission of contributing to maintaining ongoing dialogue between the different communities in our country.

It aims to enable exchanges, meetings and a dialogue between groups of citizens from the three communities in order to stimulate greater mutual recognition transcending linguistic frontiers, in a climate of respect for the specific features and cultures of all.

Four projects are currently under way, financed by the Fund: Trèfle, Trialogue and Trois +, as well as a journalist exchange programme.

Trèfle (Intercommunity exchanges for primary and secondary education)

The Trèfle programme supports projects in which a class from one community plays host for several days to a class from one or both other communities.

Pupils discover the cultural context and the situation of their counterparts, respecting the identity of each other, via educational, cultural, sporting and family activities.

Trialogue(Intercommunity exchanges between students in non-university higher education)

The Trialogue programme of the Prince Philippe Fund provides financial support for exchanges between students in non-university higher education in the three communities.

By living and studying for a period of time in a higher education establishment in another part of the country, the students learn to know more about and respect their mutual origins.

They discover a culture that is familiar to them yet different, improve their knowledge of another national language, and establish lasting contacts on the other side of the linguistic frontier.

Trialogue opens up new prospects for better understanding between the residents of the three communities

Trois + (Inter-community exchanges in the non-market sector)

The Trois + programme encourages exchanges, meetings and dialogue between groups of citizens from the various communities.

Financial support is granted to all kinds of inter-community projects such as study courses, colloquia and seminars, field trips, exchange programmes and joint activities.

The dissemination of creative ideas, original projects and new instruments for action in the three communities is facilitated in this way: the task of reflection and innovative practices can be appreciated and recognised better beyond the linguistic frontiers.

The programme is aimed at associations and non-commercial institutions, whether public or private (except schools): they include local and provincial authorities, socio-cultural associations, organisations to defend the environment, neighbourhood committees, youth movements, action groups, associations of immigrants, cultural associations, sports clubs and associations in the social sector.

Exchange of journalists

Since 2001, the Fund has also organised exchanges between journalists from the three communities.

So journalists, both from newspapers and magazines and radio and television, can go and work for a period in an editorial team within another community.

If they wish, they can also attend a language course beforehand.

From 2002, a second section will be added to this programme, in cooperation with the communities.

This programme will enable Belgian journalists to participate in an exchange with colleagues from the Netherlands.


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