Discours de la Princesse Astrid - Journée mondiale contre le paludisme - 2012

  • 23/04/2012
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(Discours disponible uniquement en anglais)

Réception au Quartier Général des Nations Unies


Mr. Secretary-General,


Thank you for this great honor.

I am deeply touched by your kind words.

This award recognizes the importance of partnerships.

You are yourself a great advocate of partnerships for development and for fighting poverty and disease.
I therefore gladly accept this award on behalf of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and of all those involved in malaria control.


Dear friends and partners,

There are many champions in the fight against malaria who are deserving of special recognition. Many are here with us this evening, like you, Mr. Secretary-General,

and your Special Envoy for Malaria, Mr. Ray Chambers.

Others are in the field, working with patients and communities.
They do remarkable work. As we gather here this evening, let us remember the brave men and women working on the frontlines of the fight against malaria.

They all deserve this award, and I accept it for them.

We are here to celebrate World Malaria Day.
Mr. Secretary-General, I thank you for your leadership, your belief in the importance of partnerships and your commitment to the fight against malaria.
Indeed, you have made malaria one of your top priorities for your second mandate.

In the room I also recognize partners from various institutions and from the private sector who share our common objective. Thank you very much for your support.

I want to tell all of you that during my field visits, every time I meet patients, my main message is always that malaria is preventable and treatable.

But prevention and treatment require enormous efforts and funding.

More than ever, we face two big challenges :

  • first, we need to find funding of 3.2 billion US dollars through 2015 to continue the fight in Africa, where 90 percent of malaria cases occur.
  • and second, there is growing resistance to antimalarial drugs in South-East Asia.

To overcome these challenges, we must intensify our efforts.

When we invest in malaria control, we invest in communities.

These investments offer a high return at low cost.

On World Malaria Day, let us remember that when we fight malaria, we also tackle poverty to offer people a better life.

But to achieve this, we need to work together.

We need support, we need funding and we need partnerships.

So let us coordinate our efforts.

Let us join forces, through the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.

Together, I truly believe we can achieve this Millennium Development Goal.

Thank you.